Have you ever been inspired? to do something? to create something? to buy something? to say something?

If you have OR if you are still waiting to be, consider joining Pinspired, a community of women with ideas yet to be realized.

So what is the inspiration for Pinspired?

A few friends of ours (like many of you) started “pinning” on Pinterest.com all kinds of crafts and projects we someday wanted to make.  We then would sadly compare “pins” and laugh wondering when we would ever have the time to be able to create them while running households, working, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between.

Could we actually set some time aside once a month, sit down and make one of these projects?  What if we don’t exactly know how to do the technique in the instructions or what if we don’t have the right sewing machine (or we do have one but don’t know how to use it) or don’t own a Cricut machine or a rotary tool or green sparkle scrapbook paper?

Then Pinspiration! hit. What if we get a whole bunch of ladies (in the Houston area) together to work on a project and then everyone can contribute their knowledge on crafting techniques. Someone in the group will be able to help out with questions and someone will have a Cricut machine that can help with the cuts and someone will surely have a rotary tool to share…and I have plenty of green sparkle scrapbook paper.

SO as we kicked the idea around, another inspiration came from a good friend. During a quick conversation, she mentioned wouldn’t it be nice if we ladies would stick together more, support each other more and even get together more.

To the point of the story – Pinspired: is a once a month craft club (so to speak) for ladies or all ages, background, and experiences. And in order to support each other, we would also like to highlight home-based businesses that ladies in the group are involved with. So if you represent a home-based business or own a small business, please bring your business cards or marketing material, as we will have a small table set up. One business will be invited to showcase their product/service per month and supply some great door prizes!


2 Comments to “About”

  1. You guys are amazing!!

  2. Enjoy making the pallet tree. Thanks

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